Kaikoura Coast

 Kaikoura Coast   

Kaikoura is a base for wildlife experiences of all kinds – it’s also a great place to eat crayfish (in the Maori language ’kai’ means food, ’koura’ means crayfish). An easy two-hour drive north of Christchurch, Kaikoura makes for a great day trip or a fun stop on your way to Marlborough. Kaikoura’s environment is truly spectacular – the village is caught between the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range and the Pacific Ocean. In winter the mountains are covered with snow, adding to the drama of the landscape. Kaikoura’s special talent is marine mammal encounters – whales, fur seals and dolphins live permanently in the coastal waters. Whale watching trips leave the town several times a day and the local seal colony is always entertaining. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and shops to explore.

Region: Canterbury
City: Kaikoura

Distance: 28.18 km
Elevation Gain: 101 m
Elevation Loss: 99 m
Difficulty: 101 (Easy)
FIETS Index: 0.06 FIETS
Avg Grade: 0.97 %
Max cat climb: 5
Min elevation: 14 m
Max elevation: 73 m
Ride Category: Flat

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