The Melibokus is at 517 metres (1696 feet), the highest hill in the Bergstra├če region of southern Hesse, central Germany. Melibokus overlooks the Rhine valley on the western fringe of the Odenwald region and is a local landmark, clearly visible for many miles. On the summit there is a small cafe, a public lookout tower and a US Army radio mast erected on the site of a previous stone tower, destroyed during World War II.

Region: Hessen
City: Bensheim

Distance: 4.76 km
Elevation Gain: 407 m
Elevation Loss: 0 m
Difficulty: 393 (Moderate)
FIETS Index: 3.49 FIETS
Avg Grade: 8.57 %
Max cat climb: 2
Min elevation: 109 m
Max elevation: 516 m
Ride Category: Epic Climb

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