Puig Major

 Puig Major   

Puig Major is the highest and only HC rated climb in Mallorca. It’s a true test of climbing ability, with pro cyclists often seen using the roads as part of their training loops, and like Sa Calobra is a very consistent challenge from bottom to top. It tops out at the Monnaber Tunnel, which passes under the ridge of the Puig Major proper, and feeds you out to the beautiful-to-behold upland lakes of Gorg Blau and Cúbar.

Region: Illes Balears
City: Sóller

Distance: 22.66 km
Elevation Gain: 881 m
Elevation Loss: 323 m
Difficulty: 637 (Moderate)
FIETS Index: 5.07 FIETS
Avg Grade: 5.81 %
Max cat climb: HC
Min elevation: 10 m
Max elevation: 883 m
Ride Category: Climb

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