Monte Baldo (East side)

 Monte Baldo (East side)   

Monte Baldo is a mountain range in the Italian Alps, located in the provinces of Trento and Verona. The name derives from the German Wald ("forest"); it appears for the first time in a German map in 1163. It is characterized by a geographical identity, a ridge parallel to Lake Garda, which stretches for 40 kilometres (25 miles), between the lake to the West and Val d’Adige to the East. Mount Baldo reaches its maximum elevation of 2,218 m with the Cima Valdritta, and its minimum elevation of 65 m on Lake Garda. Monte Baldo is often called an open-air stadium and is well known for trekking, cycling and paragliding. The variety of the vegetation to be found on Monte Baldo explains why it is often referred to as “The Garden of Europe”. The animals to be found on Baldo are also special. 960 different kinds of butterfly have been found including some very rare species. There are marmots, golden eagles, mountain goats, chamois, squirrels and hare.

Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
City: Avio

Distance: 24.43 km
Elevation Gain: 1489 m
Elevation Loss: 198 m
Difficulty: 1339 (Very Hard)
FIETS Index: 9.7 FIETS
Avg Grade: 6.57 %
Max cat climb: HC
Min elevation: 144 m
Max elevation: 1620 m
Ride Category: Epic Climb

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