Tour of Gisborne, Stage 1 (Raukumara Range)

 Tour of Gisborne, Stage 1 (Raukumara Range)   

The Raukumara Range contains the North Island’s most rugged mountain landscapes. It lies north of Gisborne, near East Cape in New Zealand’s North Island. It forms part of the North Island’s main mountain chain, which runs north-northeast from Wellington to East Cape, and is composed primarily of Cretaceous greywacke, argillites, siltstones and sandstones. An epoch of the New Zealand geologic time scale lasting from 95.2 to 86.5 Mya is named the Raukumara Epoch after the range. The rocks are mostly younger than those in the ranges further south, and are more prone to erosion. The highest peak, Hikurangi (1,752 m), is on a spur of the main range. The principal summits in the main range average around 1,400 metres.

Region: Gisborne

Distance: 32.34 km
Elevation Gain: 197 m
Elevation Loss: 590 m
Difficulty: 172 (Easy)
FIETS Index: 0.86 FIETS
Avg Grade: -2.02 %
Max cat climb: 5
Min elevation: 148 m
Max elevation: 576 m
Ride Category: Rollers

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