Las Flores Canyon (Malibu)

 Las Flores Canyon (Malibu)   

Las Flores Canyon was one of the first residential settlements in Malibu. A few of the buildings near the mouth of Las Flores, easily identified by their architecture and wood siding, are nearly 100 years old. Though close to Pacific Coast Highway, the lower Las Flores Canyon area feels isolated and tranquil. Outside the Malibu City Limit, Las Flores Canyon Road rises steeply into the Santa Monica Mountains, eventually intersecting Rambla Pacifico just below Saddle Peak. Homes in the upper canyon area cling to the mountain sides individually or form small communities in generally low density development. A few side roads branch from Las Flores along the way. Besides coastal shrub and wildflowers, Las Flores Canyon also has pine trees, sycamores, pepper trees, and cactus. Minimal formal landscaping gives the area a natural appearance. Wildlife, including deer, quail and rattlesnakes, can be found in the canyon.

Region: California
City: Malibu

Distance: 15.55 km
Elevation Gain: 715 m
Elevation Loss: 410 m
Difficulty: 740 (Hard)
FIETS Index: 5.49 FIETS
Avg Grade: 7.7 %
Max cat climb: 1
Min elevation: 8 m
Max elevation: 721 m
Ride Category: Climb

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