Tradouw Pass (South side)

 Tradouw Pass (South side)   

The Tradouw Pass (which means Womens Path in the old Khoi language) is a 16 kilometer drive through an altitude range of 219 meters through some of the most beautiful and rugged mountain scenery on offer in the Langeberg. Thomas Bain’s Tradouw Pass is a masterpiece. A drive through this wonderfully rugged terrain will soon acquaint you with why he was known as ’the man with theodolite eye’ (an instrument used to measure horizontal and vertical angles), for the pass’ sheer magnificence is inspiring. The Tradouw Pass perches 315 metres up, undulating through the folds of the mountains in a way that reflects Bain’s respect for nature, for he applied the logic of river courses and followed the path of least resistance allowing the pass to follow the same course as the Tradouw River in the gorge below. The Tradouw Pass connects Barrydale, in the heart of the Klein Karoo, with the other side of the mountains and the villages of Suurbraak and Swellendam.

Region: Western Cape
City: Overberg District Municipality

Distance: 31.81 km
Elevation Gain: 440 m
Elevation Loss: 180 m
Difficulty: 271 (Easy)
FIETS Index: 0.21 FIETS
Avg Grade: 3.37 %
Max cat climb: 3
Min elevation: 91 m
Max elevation: 351 m
Ride Category: Rollers

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